Episode 153

Published on:

20th Dec 2021

How to Prepare to Market Your Book: Marketing Strategies for Authors

#153: Are you interested in writing a book and/or have written one and are trying to figure out how you will market and sell it?

With all the free guides out there about how to self-publish a book, it seems like it's easier and easier to write books and sell them. But, what we often forget is that even before we write a book, we need to think about our audience and who we want to target with this book.

Today's guest, Lindsey Hartz is the owner, lead marketing consultant and book launch strategist at the Hartz Agency, a boutique marketing firm for authors dedicated to creating strategic marketing campaigns that help words transform lives. 

Her background in corporate and digital marketing and project management, her graduate degrees in business and project management, and her marketing campaign and book launch work with hundreds of bestselling authors, speakers, consultants, and publishers provide the backbone for the skills and experience she brings to the table.

This episode covers the common obstacles that people make when they think about how they're going to market their book and the 3 components that we need to have in place before we can even start to promote our books. Marketing isn't just about the data, but also the mindset.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 

Learn How to Prepare Yourself Before Marketing Your Book ...

  • [03:16] How Lindsey started her journey at university before entering the corporate world and then the path to entrepreneurship
  • [07:36] 3 common obstacles that people make when marketing their books
  • [12:56] 4 key components that we need to have in place before we start to promote our books
  • [18:13] Why everyone should write a book proposal before writing a book (even if you are a self-published author)
  • [24:23] The purpose of business cards
  • [30:17] How to make marketing really easy (this may change your perspective on it!)
  • [34:01] Her journey to God and her real life example of how people sowed seeds in her life
  • [36:46] Where to connect with Lindsey :)

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Remember, YOU Matter! See you in the next episode. 

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