Episode 149

Published on:

28th Nov 2021

4 Must-Haves to Succeed Beyond Your Current Level

#149: Are you looking for ways to develop yourself or feel that you are stuck where you are now with your business?

Today we are going to discuss how you can succeed beyond your current level with 4 elements and the book by James Clear, Atomic Habits.

Here's a brief overview of the 4 elements:

  1. Right Growth Mindset
  2. It needs to align with your current season in life.
  3. Right Knowledge
  4. In today's world, we are not short of information. It's fairly easy to spend hours on the internet and get sucked down a rabbit hole, but we need discipline in order to only learn what we need to for our current season.
  5. Right Growth Path
  6. Don't model your path after someone else's. We all have different strengths and different learning methods. If you try to copy someone else, it's very easy to get stuck into the imposter syndrome and comparison game.
  7. Right Mastermind
  8. As mentioned in the Bible, it says that iron sharpens iron. We all need people in order to help us grow and succeed.

This episode is the 6th of a 9 part series where Kelly will give insights into how we can level up ourselves and by extension our businesses as well, by using principles from her Power of One Framework™ program.

If you feel that these tips resonate with you and are interested into learning more principles from the Power of One Framework™, click the link below to get access to Kelly's complimentary masterclass. :)

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Remember, YOU Matter! See you in the next episode. 

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Kelly Baader is born again Christian, she is a child-sexual-abuse survivor turned highest-paid female executive in her former corporate career, then existed out her 1st marriage with deep scars, God saved and redeemed her in 1996.

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Obeying God's call to publish her personal story to the book - A Little Girl Called Grace, later became Amazon Bestseller in 2012.

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